Home Company News  Logical artificial intelligence will improve business processes

The team of the company “Mivar” attended VII All-Russian conference “Revenue Assurance, Fraud, InfoSecurity & Risk Management”. Head of analytical department, Pavel Chernyshev, presented the report “Application of mivar-based technologies in Revenue Assurance segment”.

In his address Pavel Chernyshev stated that Revenue Assurance system can be developed on the basis of logical artificial intelligence. The system will be capable of constructing solution algorithms for arising problems.

“The use of mivar-based technologies will allow us to cut costs due to reduction of staff and automation of processes that were previously performed manually. Moreover, introduction of logical artificial intelligence will allow us to reduce the number of errors caused by human factor and improve business processes”, says Pavel Chernyshev.

Moreover, within the conference the operation of intelligent document mining system was demonstrated, which is capable of detecting errors in different financial and technical documents of the company and, therefore, preventing financial losses.