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The mechanism for generating a user action algorithm to achieve the desired result is represented by the demo-stand Robotized Workplace for Help Desk Operator (Robotized Workplace for Help Desk Operator)


The system is the most efficient when introducing new products or launching them onto the market. The users of such products don't care to read large amount of end user documentation since they don't have enough time to study documentation and prefer to contact a help desk instead. Help desk operators don't advice users referring to end user documentation (lack of customer-focus) or spend considerable time on guiding the user about the product waiting each time until the user performs one or another action. This approach is customer-oriented but requires considerable increase in the number of help desk staff.

The proposed solution allows us to generate user action algorithms for achieving the desired result at once on the basis of information about the current state of the user in the business-process and the result that he aims to achieve. The generated algorithm can be sent to the user by e-mail or any other means. Thus, the time spent by the operator on solving user’s problem is significantly reduced, and users are provided with good service.


Developing a system that generates algorithms for solving user’s problem.


The system allows us to generate user action algorithm for achieving a set goal.

To generate an action algorithm, a help desk operator identifies the current state of the user in business-process, the goal state as well as specifies additional necessary information to design an algorithm.

The help desk operator forwards the obtained algorithm to the user.

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