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KESMI Wi!Mi — is a tool for designing knowledge models with unlimited number of connections, parameters and relations that have logical inference

... The proposed new evolutionary dynamic multidimensional object-system structures of unified data-and-rules representation are named “mivar”. The essence of mivar data representation is that information space is formed trough determining the main axes and setting main objects and relations between them. The name of objects and relations is set on the axes in some order, on the intersection points of the space, that is mivars, specific values of properties and relations between objects are recorded. It is mivar information space that creates a fundamental opportunity to implement self-training and ensures real evolutionary synthesis of intelligent systems configurations ...

Kalyaev A.V., Academician RAS, doctor of technical science, professor

Knowledge management systems are a necessity and expert knowledge along with technology are key resources for company development in the modern information world.

Mivar-based approach is a universal modelling system allowing us to efficiently use all the advantages and capabilities of available tools for working with knowledge such as ontologies, cognitive maps, ER-models and semantic networks.

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